Frick Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

Frick Industrial Refrigeration Equipment and Parts in Nigeria

Frick industrial refrigeration equipment are a great choice for industries such as breweries, food processing, agriculture, and supermarkets. At Technoton, we provide complete cold storage services by Frick industrial refrigeration solutions. From installation, repairs, and maintenance, we have the technical competence and experience to serve clients in Nigeria.

For various clients in Nigeria, the requirements for cooling certain products and processes are increasing as our society becomes more urbanized. For farmers and food production technicians, agricultural produce need to be properly preserved in cold storage to reduce spoilage. In like manner, other stakeholders in the value-chain such as supermarkets also depend on efficient refrigeration solutions to ensure that perishables remain fresh to sell to customers. The cooling needs of industrial processes also require reliable solutions. For us at Technoton, we recommend Frick refrigeration equipment and spare parts are an excellent choice for cold rooms and other applications in the market.

Clients can contact us for the following products and spare parts:

Trusted by a global audience in various industries, refrigeration solutions from the Frick range of products offer energy-efficient, lower noise and vibration operations. Air Handlers are ideal for industries requiring accurate temperature, pressure, and humidity control. This ensures consistent product quality. In sanitation mode, air handlers ensures fresh air and exhaust. Clients are guaranteed quality refrigeration equipment components and replacement parts.

Industrial Refrigeration Services By Technoton

When it comes to Frick Industrial Refrigeration solutions, Technoton is highly experienced at delivering quality results to customers. We offer excellent cold room and industrial refrigeration services for clients of all types. Our services come with comprehensive consulting services which translates into cost-savings and value for you. We supply genuine Frick equipment, spare parts, and accessories. For your industrial refrigeration needs, please call +234-810-304-7689+234-810-304-7689or +234-810-295-5408. You may also send us a message by using the form below:

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