Technoton Engineering & Technical Services

Engineering and Technical Services Company in Nigeria

At Technoton, our continual passion is to provide excellent engineering and technical services to clients in Nigeria. For over 30 years, we have been at the forefront of innovation with success at delivering world-class services to clients in various industries. These include mechanical and electrical services for residential buildings, manufacturing facilities, government infrastructure, and the private sector.

Our Service Commitment

Technoton Ltd is renowned in Nigeria as a company providing comprehensive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services (MEP). With our head office situated in the commercial hub of Lagos, we work extensively with clients all over Nigeria. Our service is based on these core pillars:

  • Strong industry experience and engineering expertise
  • Partnership with world-class brands offering top-quality equipment and replacement parts

See some of our partners: Isidem Insulation, Aldes, and Daikin.

We pay close attention to detail, analyzing every possible scenario in order to provide outstanding, cost-effective services to our clients. Our engineering and technical services are divided into sections including Building Services & Infrastructure, Engineering Support Services, and Technical & Industrial Services attending to specific service areas. Some of our services include:

1. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Solutions

  • Direct expansion and Chilled Water Cooling Systems
  • Precision Air Cooling Systems (PAC)
  • Dehumidifier and Desiccant systems
  • Ventilation duct work (Rigid and Flexible)

2. Industrial Refrigeration Services

  • Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems

3. Fire Protection Solutions

  • Gaseous Extinguishing Media (FM-200 and CO2-based Systems)
  • Sprinklers and Hydrant Systems

4. Plumbing Solutions

  • Building Reticulation and Industrial Plumbing System

5. Water Supply and Sewage Treatment

  • Construction and management services in water supply and sewage treatment
  • Water extraction, treatment, storage and reticulation works

6. Electrical and Power Solutions

These include electrical installations, power distribution, rural electrification, and lighting. We also help clients design and source for suitable power generators to meet their requirements.

7. Electrical Low Voltage Solutions

Our electrical low voltage solutions include Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Biometric Access Control, PABX, and CATV.

8. Comprehensive Building Maintenance Services

Our building maintenance services covers all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. Clients can rely on us for quality preventive and corrective maintenance services for buildings and facilities of all kinds.

Contact Technoton Ltd for Your Engineering and Technical Requirements

Our commitment to clients is to provide quality and environmentally-sustainable services. From supply to installation and maintenance, we guarantee excellent services. To request a quote or information about any of our services, please call +234-906-000-0172 or +234-818-888-6701. You can also send us a message or use the form below:

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