Engineering Support Services

As industry leaders, we go beyond installation and provisioning to ensure that genuine spare parts and accessories are available to meet our clients’ needs. We also guarantee expert support and maintenance at all times.

The Engineering Support Services Unit is made up of certified engineers and technicians who have a vast experience of preventive and corrective maintenance, and also installing and commissioning of a wide spectrum of mechanical and electrical equipment. Our services are itemized below:

HVAC Parts & Accessories

HVAC Parts & Accessories

We stock high quality HVAC and air conditioning equipment and spare parts from world-class original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Central Chilled Drinking Water 1

Central Chilled Drinking Water

We provide centralized chilled drinking water unit for offices, schools, churches, and other organizations.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Services

Technoton offers air conditioning maintenance services for residential, industrial, and commercial installations.

Maintenance Residential Commercial Buildings

Residential and Commercial Maintenance

Our certified technical staff provide exceptional services. We offer cost effective Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).

Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

Industrial Refrigeration Equipment

We design, build, supply, install, and service industrial refrigeration equipment for cold rooms, marine refrigeration, and mortuary units among others.

Hydrojet Cleaning Services

Hydrojet Cleaning Services

We carry out cleaning of pipes, tanks, heat exchangers, and boilers using hydrojet technology for safe, viable, and efficient cleaning operations.

Steel Construction Metal Fabrication Services

Steel Construction & Metal Fabrication Services

We fabricate fences, ventilation & extract ducting, railings, tanks, pressure vessels to meet the client’s specifications.