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Dust Extraction System & Central Air Conditioning Installation: Multi-trex Foods

Project Overview

The client engaged Technoton to deliver an efficient dust extraction ventilation system and cooling system to for its production factory. As a cocoa processing company multi trex produces Cocoa Powder/Cocoa butter in their manufacturing facility. Due to the peculiar nature of the raw material, they wanted an air-conditioning and ventilation solution that will provide cooling but with reduced moisture. They wanted a ventilation system that will not absorb or redistribute the powder particles in the air.

Client Profile: Multi-trex Foods

Multi-trex Integrated Foods Plc is a Nigerian company renowned for producing high-quality cocoa products.

Project Details

Technoton supplied and installed York Chillers with inbuilt dehumidification systems and air ducts and low velocity air extraction system at high roof level to prevent the spread of the powder particles all around the facility. The project consisted of the following:

  • Supply and installation of 10 numbers 30 tons direct expansion central air conditioning units.
  • At the cocoa powder production section, the system included particulate extraction through interconnected ducting network.
  • Technoton also installed dehumidification units to ensure air quality adhered to the production standards requirements.

Installation and Maintenance of Dust Extraction & Dehumidification Systems

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