Daikin Container Refrigeration

Daikin Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration in Nigeria

Daikin commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions are reliable for various applications in Nigeria. Whether for small or large scale environments, clients can rely on these cooling systems to deliver great value.

Key Refrigeration Solution Features

Daikin refrigeration solutions offer:

  • Best-in-class energy savings (up to 50% greater than others)
  • Available for commercial, industrial, and marine refrigeration
  • Provide large range of temperature control: -45 degrees to 10 degrees

Daikin Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

The range of products include:

  • Plug-in solutions for cold rooms and similar facilities
  • Condensing units
  • Compressor packs and racks (small to large)
  • Container refrigeration units
  • Switchboard and electronic control systems
  • Integrated solutions for supermarkets, shopping malls

Applicable Refrigeration Environments

These products are suitable for operations of various types such as

  • cold rooms
  • shops and supermarkets
  • hotels
  • manufacturing facilities
  • restaurants
  • agricultural produce stores
  • butcheries, and others

See the Daikin refrigeration catalogue for more details.

Refrigeration Services by Technoton

At Technoton, we have over 30 years experience providing commercial and industrial refrigeration services to clients in Nigeria. We design, build, and maintain commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions. Our expertise covers facilities such as cold rooms, industrial process cooling, marine refrigeration, mortuary units, refrigerated storage, and chillers. For enquiries, please call +234-906-000-0172 or +234-818-888-6701. You can also send us a message.

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