Eko Hotel & Suites Air Conditioning

Chiller System Refurbishment for Eko Hotels & Suites

Project Overview

The client engaged Technoton to supply and install a new chiller system and fan coil units for the hotel. The project also involved HVAC maintenance activities.

Chillers are a type of air conditioning system for industrial and commercial facilities. Two types exist based on the type of condenser: water-cooled chillers and air-cooled systems. The water-cooled systems are generally more efficient and eco-friendly. With chiller units existing in various sizes and capacities, clients have a choice to deploy portable chiller units and up to large central systems for more extensive spaces. Examples of leading chiller brands in the market include Daikin and YORK.

Client Profile: Eko Hotels & Suites

Eko Hotels & Suites is a 5-Star ultra luxurious hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. From world-class lodging to galas, conferences and concerts, Eko Hotels is a leading venue for hospitality and events in Nigeria.

Chiller System Supply & Installation

Daikin Chiller System

Technoton supplied two units of 250 kilowatts of chillers for a total refurbishment of the hotel’s air conditioning system.

Replacement of Fan Coil Units

Fan Coil Unit

During the extensive project, Technoton Ltd supplied and replaced 250 fan coil units (FCU) complete with control valves. Fan coil units control the temperature of the air conditioning.

Chiller System Supply, Installation, and Maintenance Services by Technoton Ltd

Technoton provides chiller system and air conditioning equipment installation, sales, and maintenance services to clients in various industries. Our team of HVAC engineers and technicians are widely experienced at installing and carrying out repair and maintenance jobs. To request a quote or for more information about our services, please call +234-906-000-0172 or +234-818-888-6701. You may also send us your request via the form below.

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